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Saturday, April 28, 2018

News Print and Global Warming

Several newspapers folded over and stack on top of each other.
Yeah, I know ... a bit of an odd title all things considered.  I wrote a while back on another of my sites ( how we lost our daily newspaper to some big conglomeration who decided just to shut it down. What that meant was that we no longer had an "in-print" newspaper, and they eventually closed the web based version of the Orillia Packet as well. Thankfully, some of the long-standing journalists at the Packet got themselves together and created an online newspaper for Orillia, which is wonderful (Orillia Matters)... it's just not printed on paper. There is seriously something missing without a print version ... for me, anyways. I like to have it in my hands, turning the pages, smelling the newsprint-smell ... you can't replace that with a computer screen.

Thursday, February 15, 2018

Minimum Wage Increase in Ontario

Two red and white Canadian flags with central maple leaf.January, 2018 saw the minimum wage in Ontario rise to $14 per hour and the early predictions (made in 2017) were ... a little off. That doesn't surprise me in the least. Back when the the bill came out, my thoughts (personal opions) on the increase in the minimum wage were virtually opposite of what economists and business specialists predicted should happen. It's still early in the game but so far, but many things are not very rosy ... not for employees (who haven't actually had the light bulb turned on yet), and not for the business owners.

Maybe large conglomerates aren't feeling too much of a pinch, but a lot of smaller businesses are, including one of Canada's wide spread coffee shops ... Tim Horton's. But that's only one of them.

Friday, September 29, 2017

The Colour of our World

A lot of different box shapes in different colours.What is the colour of your world? Does it matter to you if one, or more of those colours disappear? Do the colours in your world melt and blend to create new shades and tones of both colours?

My world is multi-coloured, though I tend not to notice the colours. Of more importance to me are the feelings I get from my world.

If any single colour disappeared, my world would seem a little less bright, and a little more dark ... that seems to create it's own shade of grey, doesn't it?

Monday, July 24, 2017

Ontario's Minimum Wage - Good or Bad?

First, I want to warn my readers ... this post is so unlike what I usually write about. I'm normally one of the most non-politically motivated people - I still am really, but what's been happening in our province has to be of concern to anyone who lives here, whether you have a political leaning or not.

The minimum wage in this part of Canada (Ontario) is currently set at $11.40/hr and scheduled to go up to $11.60/hr in October of this year. What some people may not realize is that there isn't a standard minimum wage for every occupation, so what you do to earn money can make a difference in what the minimum wage is (see the link above) and what industries or people are exempt or have exemptions applied (see the Employment Standards Act).  To understand it all, you almost need to be a lawyer... but really, none of that is what this article is about.

It's about the changes coming to the minimum wage here, and the increase to $15.00/hr. Sounds like a big increase, right?  It's not going to happen all at once though - it is stretched out between now, and 2019, and while some seem to think it's going to be great to have a nice increase like that, you also have to look at the other side of the playbook.

Monday, July 17, 2017

Immigration and Culture Clash

A small red and white maple leaf flag from Canada
Opinions on immigration (regardless of the country from or to) of people are usually very personal, but each country and their government have differing policies. Even just between individual human beings the treatment of immigrants (individual, or families) vary a lot. Oddly, even in one single individual their own opinions can fluctuate wildly. I'm not against immigration or immigrants - after all, if most (not all) of the inhabitants of North America (the US & Canada) look back in our past we'd discover many of our own families were once immigrants. If our countries hadn't openly accepted them, we wouldn't likely be here either.

My parents were both born here in Canada, but their parents were born in Scotland (maternal side) and Italy (paternal side). If they had been turned back when they came to Canada, my parents would probably have never met. Funny how that works, isn't it?

Friday, July 14, 2017

An Out-of-the-Box Opinion

Today I'm going to step away a little from the usual type of posts I make; partly because I'm getting pretty tired of undocumented medical and health articles that appear on my Facebook feed. Mostly, I block the crap using FB Purity (awesome FB app you can find on Facebook) but these posts are usually shared by my friends, and I'm picky about who I friend or let see my FB page.

A graphic display of clickbait style titles overlaid with a stop circle.

The issues really come from the fact that too many people simply believe everything they see - if it's on the web it must be true, but ... there is nothing further from the truth than that. So many of the headlines we see are nothing more than clickbait, and contain partial truths, total untruths, or no useful information at all. When you see headlines blazing "YOU WON'T BELIEVE..." or "CURE CANCER (or Diabetes or Alzheimers)" or "SHE DID THIS AND THIS WHAT HAPPENED NEXT..."  you know it's going to be clickbait.

Sunday, April 9, 2017

Canadian Snowbirds vs US Citizens

That's probably one of the saddest titles I've written over a post for a long time. In fact, the whole post is one I considered not writing at all, but in the end, I think it's a good idea to "set the record straight". All this stems from a letter submitted to our local newspaper (our local newspaper to the city in the US we call home when we're here) from a US resident (I assume a citizen).  Even worse ... is the sadness you feel when you realize some people don't see you as people, but as a non-entity, not even worthy of having an opinion.

We own a home here, and we pay taxes, water, sewer, electricity, cable, TV, phone ... all of that, just like any citizen of the US. I guess if we have a complaint about them, we're entitled to say so since we pay for them. We may not be given all the same rights as citizens since we only live here part of the time, but this is our home while we're here and I resent someone telling me otherwise.