Friday, September 29, 2017

The Colour of our World

A lot of different box shapes in different colours.What is the colour of your world? Does it matter to you if one, or more of those colours disappear? Do the colours in your world melt and blend to create new shades and tones of both colours?

My world is multi-coloured, though I tend not to notice the colours. Of more importance to me are the feelings I get from my world.

If any single colour disappeared, my world would seem a little less bright, and a little more dark ... that seems to create it's own shade of grey, doesn't it?

There are hundreds of different colours in my sphere ... that's just my own little bit of the world, and I'm sure others probably have almost as many.

No, I'm not talking about crayons, or pencils, or even paint. I'm talking about people.

Doesn't anyone else find it frustrating that people often use colours to separate people into groups; or that we need to even have groups like 'Black Lives Matter'?  Seriously ... all lives matter, and colour shouldn't have anything to do with it. Nor should culture, race, age, or gender.

When I look at people, colour is usually the last thing I notice, and something I don't really care much about. People are just ... people - other human beings like me. Underneath, we're all the same so why do people care what's on the outside?

Who and what we are is on the inside.

... some people just need to get over themselves.

A bunch of different coloured eggs with different eye colours denoting different cultures and skin.

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