Why This Blog

That's a question that often begs an answer when a blog covers a variety of subjects (and that's what this blog will do).  You can surf the web and find blogs and websites of all descriptions, and a lot of them cover a wide range of subjects. Some of those subjects so disparate from each other that you wonder "why the heck is that subject here?" I imagine casual passers-by will likely think the same thing about this blog as it goes forward. What I really didn't need to do was start yet another blog - I've got way to many for any human being to manage with any regularity ... and several websites.

What It's NOT

First thing I'll get out of the way is what this blog isn't, and what it isn't going to be:
  • it isn't a news blog
  • it isn't a tech blog
  • it isn't a blog about money, finances, insurance
  • it isn't about education or jobs
  • it isn't a blog with high paying keywords
  • it isn't a blog to help you improve anything

What It IS

A little history ...

A long way back before I began to blog with any sort of regularity, I joined a little site that was just starting out - some of you will have heard of it. Squidoo. I wrote a few articles there, and then a few more and ... well, lets just stay several more. Many years later it became one of the most popular places to create. On places like Squidoo, you can write one page - simple. Recently (Aug. 2014) Squidoo notified it's writers that it had sold it's contents (yeah, our contents actually - the writers) to HubPages. And by the end of the month Squidoo writers would need to sign up at HubPages and Squidoo would transfer our articles to our accounts on HP.  Well, yeah, but ... no thanks. HubPages takes a share of my earnings with no choice on where they go. At least Squidoo let me donate my earnings to a charity of my choice, which for me was the entire point in writing on Squidoo.

Anyway, I opted out of the transfer and copied all my own articles, then clicked the "delete" button.  Okay so that's probably way more background than you need, but that's what started this blog.

Some of the things I wrote on Squidoo were meant mostly for my own girls - always asking me "how do I make this or that", so I began with some family recipes.

In the end, I decided to stick them on a blog so they could always find them. See ... not long after they got married and moved out to raise their own families, I spent a lot of time writing up all the recipes I knew they'd use from our family, printed them off and compiled them into their very own private cook books (with pictures even) - one each. After several moves, neither can find their books so ... a blog they can't lose and can always access online means they've always got the recipes they need.

That's where this blog started. But as I began adding the things from Squidoo, I realized that since a few of my other blogs encompassed family stories or related in some other way to our family, I thought ... okay, maybe it's just better to combine a few blogs into one and make my own life a whole lot easier.

There you have it. Lord knows sometimes what goes in my mind ...

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