Tuesday, October 30, 2018

The Hot Dog Scramble

A scrambled egg an hot dog recipe to prepare in one pan.
Hot Dog Scramble Recipe - download and print.
Yesterday I wrote about making menu and food choice changes in our household because of health issues. When you start doing that, it's tough to just prepare dinner using all your old recipes without giving much thought to the food you are using. Now, instead of tossing a bunch of left-overs into a frying pan or pot, I have to think about the carbohydrate values in each bit of left over, carefully measuring or weighing everything to get it right. That's more time consuming for me and I realized when preparing dinner yesterday, I need to write this stuff down so when I want to make the same (or similar) thing again, I've got it.

Monday, October 29, 2018

The Diabetes Dilemma

Early in September my husband was diagnosed with Type2 Diabetes (like he doesn't have enough health issues already), and we've been scrambling to adjust our eating patterns to fit each meal's carbohydrate counts into his "per meal" allowance.

His doctor wasn't much help. He tells him he has diabetes and hands him a prescription. And that's it. That's all he bothered to do. If I hadn't already been through a bunch of research to help my cousin out a couple of years ago, we'd still be floating on little raft without paddles on huge sea called "lack of knowledge". I went back and looked up my previous research, explained the carbs per meal to the hubby and adjusted my own cooking habits and meal choices to ensure what I fed him (and me) fit within that. He's getting better at it, but after years of counting calories he had a hard time getting used to looking at carbs rather than calories.

Although everything counts, the carb grams minus the fiber grams give you the actual carbs you count. That's something we didn't know - that you subtract the fiber g from the stated carb g. What that means is eating better carbs (those that have higher fiber counts) is a better choice.

Thursday, July 5, 2018

The Gotham Steel Low Fat Grill

I bought myself one of the Gotham Steel grills "as seen on TV".  I don't normally buy a lot of products advertised like that. Commercials like that always make me wonder if the products are as good as they say, or at least work the way they say.

My dad used to run out and buy all those "StarFrit" products that you used to see on TV.  He loved odd little gadgets like that but he didn't cook so he didn't really use those products. My mom would try them but in the end, she'd use the things she already had.

Saturday, April 28, 2018

News Print and Global Warming

Several newspapers folded over and stack on top of each other.
Yeah, I know ... a bit of an odd title all things considered.  I wrote a while back on another of my sites (OrilliaTravel.com) how we lost our daily newspaper to some big conglomeration who decided just to shut it down. What that meant was that we no longer had an "in-print" newspaper, and they eventually closed the web based version of the Orillia Packet as well. Thankfully, some of the long-standing journalists at the Packet got themselves together and created an online newspaper for Orillia, which is wonderful (Orillia Matters)... it's just not printed on paper. There is seriously something missing without a print version ... for me, anyways. I like to have it in my hands, turning the pages, smelling the newsprint-smell ... you can't replace that with a computer screen.

Saturday, April 21, 2018

Ground Turkey Dinner Recipe (download below)

A row of pelicans on the wooden jetty at Lake Morton, Lakeland, Florida.
Pelicans at Lake Morton in Lakeland, FL
We've just finished up the end of another winter season in Florida ... to be really honest, I'm very thankful that we can spend our winters in a place that's far warmer than our home in Canada. I'm getting way too old to enjoy the snow, and being in Florida means I can still be active all winter long. Back home in Canada, I'd spend the winter hibernating in our home (much like our bears) and feeling a little like a hermit.

One thing I've had difficulty with is figuring out what to do with the left-over groceries when we are getting ready to leave - some things do get stored (canned and dried goods with a long expiry date) when we leave ...

Thursday, February 15, 2018

Minimum Wage Increase in Ontario

Two red and white Canadian flags with central maple leaf.January, 2018 saw the minimum wage in Ontario rise to $14 per hour and the early predictions (made in 2017) were ... a little off. That doesn't surprise me in the least. Back when the the bill came out, my thoughts (personal opions) on the increase in the minimum wage were virtually opposite of what economists and business specialists predicted should happen. It's still early in the game but so far, but many things are not very rosy ... not for employees (who haven't actually had the light bulb turned on yet), and not for the business owners.

Maybe large conglomerates aren't feeling too much of a pinch, but a lot of smaller businesses are, including one of Canada's wide spread coffee shops ... Tim Horton's. But that's only one of them.