Friday, November 20, 2020

What's Missing in Utopia?

In the province I live in, there's a little place called Utopia. A cute little place where people, live, love, work, and visit.  They worked hard to get there. BUT, if you wait 10 years or so (2030),  you can live in Utopia for free, all over Canada.  Or so the World Economic Forum says.

Wait ... back in March and April of 2020 people were saying the government will own everything and people will own nothing. You won't need to own anything because products (like homes, cars, clothing and other items you currently buy) will become a service, sort of like health care I suppose.  And weren't those same people being called "conspiracy theorists"?  Yep, indeed they were.

For any of you thinking utopia sounds pretty good ... maybe.  I don't know what other people think, but that kind of utopian life just doesn't exist and if it did ... I'd be bored out of my mind.  There would be no satisfaction in a life like that ... satisfaction comes from achievement. From striving to do something; to fulfill a dream or vision (like owning a home or a car); from working to achieve those dreams.  

Satisfaction ... it doesn't sound like much I guess. It's just a word, right?  Wrong.  I've spent my whole life striving to achieve what I consider success - oh, not tons of money or perfection in anything. That's not my idea of success.  But without the dream (making a great cake or loaf of bread; biking 100 miles, or hiking a mounting; taking a great photo; painting a great picture; buying a home with no mortgage; etc.) there is no satisfaction in achieving it.  No joy in the soul for life and all it's possibilities. Those are things humans need.

But several articles on the World Economic Forum's own website belie the fact that someone just made all this up.  The original article was posted in 2016, so several years before all this current life-junk. And I suppose when it was written it was just a "what if"  ... but now?  Now maybe it isn't a "what if" at all. Maybe that's exactly where we're heading. At least in Canada.  

Justin Trudeau has been a long time contributor to the WEF, and although he declined to attend in 2020, his recent public announcements have given us pause for thought.  It's not quite what the conspiracy theorists have discussed, but using the word "reset" in his speech only heightened their fears.

Although "Fact Check" claims it's still a conspiracy theory and is "only" a global initiative to address challenges ... ummm, isn't that what the reset was all about in those "conspiracy theories"? 

According to the World Economic Forum's page titled "The Great Reset" ...uh, well, it isn't really a "theory" is it?  To quote their own page:

 "As we enter a unique window of opportunity to shape the recovery, this initiative will offer insights to help inform all those determining the future state of global relations, the direction of national economies, the priorities of societies, the nature of business models and the management of a global commons."
That's quite the statement; one that could be taken in many ways.  In Canada, we've been watching our government spend gobs of money (money our country doesn't have) courting countries like China; handing out a constant flow of money to prop up their ideals (the rich vs the unworking poor); ethical violations of the Prime Minister's government, and other members of parliament; handing out monthly payments ($2,000) to people who aren't working due to covid (just to note, my kids and their families don't work in "essential" jobs, yet they have continued to work); planning to increase immigration (read that as "import" people) to 1.2 million beginning in 2021 (with 401,000 immigrants) and running through with increasing numbers for 3 years. 

But that's only part of this reset for Trudeau. It began back at the beginning of February when all this began.  During the course of all these money handouts, monthly payments to people not working they forgot some people ... a lot of people as a matter of fact.  Seniors, are one of those groups.  Some got as much as $600 (oh, just a one-time payment, not monthly); some got $200 to $300. People like me - a senior, but not yet collecting "Old Age Security" ... well, we got $0.  Honestly? I'd rather not take a handout and beholden to our government for anything at all, so I'm okay with not getting any. But they sure aren't helping any of the "old" people ... they seem to be just waiting for us to die off.

The majority of deaths in our province due to the "virus" are seniors, but not seniors my age. People in the 80+ age group. They comprise about 71% of the deaths. 

People in my age group (60-79) make up about 25% of the deaths. Everyone under the age of 60 make up a ridiculously small percentage of our deaths.   

Protect those who need protected. Let everyone else get back to living a normal life.  Give people back the ability to choose for themselves.  Nobody should need the government riding rough-shod over our own personal health choices.  Regardless of your age (excepting minors) your choice on how you handle your own health should be yours. Not the government's.

For this tiny percentage we are continually threatened with lock downs and business closures, and they hold compliance over our heads like a hammer ... comply or you can't celebrate "fill-in-any-holiday-here". 

The current threat is to cancel Christmas. (And no, my family will NOT cancel holidays at all. Practising safe measures and having small groups is sufficient)

How ridiculous is this?  The great reset? Hah!  The only reset I want to see right now is  our entire government.  Pull them out of power and let's start fresh. We need a new vision ... one that puts our lives back in our our hands, and takes control out of Trudeau's hands.

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