Thursday, January 25, 2018

Got the Flu?

Yeah, me too. And to be honest, I'm hardly ever sick so this has been a tough go. I'm in the third week and at this point, I'm no longer sure it's the flu. It feels more like pneumonia now (having had that several times in the past, I know what it feels like).

Bottle with pills in it.
It's been the oddest type of flu ... each week brings something different, but the most prevalent thing has been the fever. Although aspirin and excedrin have been working to keep it under control, I have to take them twice a day. Yesterday, I started on some antibiotics and that seemed to help. Yesterday, no fever and no having to take aspirin.

Clear plastic bottle with orange top and drinking spout full of water.Controlling it has been pretty tough ... lots of coughing (almost none yesterday); eating only small amounts of food (notably, homemade chicken soup!), and drinking tons of water.

Water is one of the few things that doesn't bother me (or my stomach) and my beloved coffee has been limited to one or two a day because ... I just don't care much for it at the moment.  I also don't have much in the way of an appetite ... it's like I don't want to eat, but my stomach does grumble so I put small amounts into it to stop it (breakfast is usually half a banana and a container of low-fat yogurt which seems soothing).

A natural homeopathic product for lung infections.
Other things I've been doing are takings this stuff for lung infections - it's called Respirafect. And it's amazing stuff, but I'm running out and I haven't found a single store that sells it here.

Must be a Canadian thing. I can order it from our local store (National Nutrition) and have it shipped, although I will admit to not knowing if it can be shipped across the border. It's a natural/ homeopathic product, but just because it's natural doesn't mean it's okay to ship to the US.

Fresh thyme, harvested, washed and sold in plastic packages.And I've been taking turmeric for about a year now, so I upped the dose a little.

The other thing I've tried is thyme tea. Not sure if that will do much good, but it's rumoured to help with some health issues (and I don't find the taste pleasing, so I hope it does do some good). I guess time will tell, since I just started using it yesterday.

Basically, I'm doing everything I can to avoid going to the clinic here, or to emergency. The newspapers across the US have been reporting a shortage of fluids in the hospitals because of the huge numbers of flu patients, so I probably wouldn't get anything different in the way of treatment than I've been doing for myself, and the last thing I need is to be around even more sick people when it looks like I might be on the mend.

Supplements, including turmeric, vitamine D3, green tea, and omega 3.
Papers reported that just breathing in any infected air can spread this flu, and given that, I'm pretty sure I know where I got it. From a lady in the line behind us at Walgreens drugstore ... she was complaining of having the flu, and it morphed into pneumonia. Two days later I was sick. Given that I hadn't really been anywhere else at that point, I probably caught it from her.

I will admit that although I'm not completely better, my second day on the antibiotic is somewhat better.

Stay well peeps, this is a nasty bug.

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