Saturday, September 30, 2017

W.A. Porter C.I. - Remember When

Over the last few days I've been lucky enough to be able to connect again with some of "kids" (well, we're all grown up now, but I still think of us as kids) from highschool. It isn't the first time since we all left, but for me, only the second time in the 42 years (omg, really that long) since I flew the coop.

The first reunion was held at the C.N.E. grounds (for the non-Torontonians that's the Canadian National Exhibition ... at least it was then) and was an amazing day for me. Some of them (most of them actually) looked (to me) exactly as they did the the last time I'd seen them.

Friday, September 29, 2017

The Colour of our World

A lot of different box shapes in different colours.What is the colour of your world? Does it matter to you if one, or more of those colours disappear? Do the colours in your world melt and blend to create new shades and tones of both colours?

My world is multi-coloured, though I tend not to notice the colours. Of more importance to me are the feelings I get from my world.

If any single colour disappeared, my world would seem a little less bright, and a little more dark ... that seems to create it's own shade of grey, doesn't it?

Monday, September 11, 2017

The Grill to Beat

Last weekend my daughter I headed out to an estate sale being held by some friends just outside of town. Outside was mostly bigger things like a car dolly, riding mower, (... mostly guy stuff) and went on inside. We started in the basement. Some furniture (my house is pretty full) and a couple of long tables with kitchen stuff, some camera equipment (that held my interest for a bit, being a photographer that stuff, even older, is hard to pass up), and some tools.

My daughter pointed out a toaster oven with attached coffee pot. I hadn't seen one of those before. I already have a toaster oven but it was worth a look just because ... although the coffee pot only held one cup. It would be great for a student, or even camping.

Next to it was an electric grill ... you know, the kind you cook meat on in your kitchen. Like a griddle, but with a ridged cook plate. I opened the lid, closed it. Walked away a couple of steps and then went back. Okay, I didn't really need yet another electric kitchen appliance, not at all. Still ... it might be more useful than a couple of others I had. The price was right so I picked it up.

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